Veterans’ NIC relief

From 6 April 2021, a new NIC relief came in to encourage businesses to take on new employees who are veterans of HM Armed Forces. This relief, which will apply a zero rate of employers’ NIC up to the upper secondary threshold (£967 per week for 2021/22), is only available for 12 consecutive months from the veteran’s first day of civilian employment after leaving the armed services.

Employers can claim relief even if the employment starts before 6 April 2021 but will only be able to claim for the remaining qualifying period.

From April 2021 to March 2022, employers will need to pay the associated secondary Class 1 NIC as normal and then claim them back retrospectively from April 2022 onwards.

From April 2022 onwards, employers will be able to apply the relief in real time through PAYE.

If you are thinking of taking on an employee who has recently left HM Armed Forces, we can make sure you comply with all the relevant rules to get this NIC break for a year.

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