At Clarke Nicklin we have been assisting our clients with the furlough scheme since it went live in April 2020. The job retention scheme involved a lot of calculations and wasn’t always the most straightforward of things as most if you will know. The HMRC is currently allocating teams to review claims in order to claim back some of the billions the government has potentially paid out in error.
The speed in which the scheme was made available means that errors in calculations are likely to have occurred but HMRC is currently suggesting that not only will an employer who has over- claimed be required to pay back that amount, they are also looking to impose a penalty of up to 100% and potentially will start court proceedings if they feel someone has committed fraudulent behaviour.
This will undoubtedly be a timely and stressful procedure but Clarke Nicklin can help review your previous furlough claims and ensure everything has been claimed correctly. Should you have over-claimed there is still time to disclose any errors and reduce the risk of penalties.

If you think you have overclaimed, please get in touch now.