As of yesterday, small businesses and employers who have paid statutory sick pay (SSP) to staff who have taken coronavirus-related leave can now claim the money back.

  • Applications were announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak and officially opened on 26th May.
  • If you have fewer than 250 members of staff, you can apply to recover the costs of paying COVID-19 related SSP.
  • The repayment covers up to two weeks of SSP from either 13th March 2020 (if an employee had symptoms or was self-isolating because of someone they live with), or from 16th April 2020 if an employee was shielding because of coronavirus.
  • To apply, members need to go online via and input information on the employees being claimed for.
  • After the application is made, HMRC have stated you should receive the money within 6 working days.
  • The scheme covers different employment contracts such as full and part-time employees, agency contracts, and employees on flexible/zero-hour contracts.
  • Tax agents can make claims on behalf of employers.
  • The current rate of SSP is £95.85 per week. Employers may choose to pay more than SSP if they wish, although be aware you’ll only be able to reclaim SSP rate.