Clarke Nicklin are not your ordinary accountants, aside from being award winning business and financial advisors, they are also well known for putting on a range of business events in the Stockport borough.

Most notably, they set up Stockport Business Awards back in 2012 and still run the hugely successful event now, alongside their Stockport Business Networking events.

The most recent bright idea came from within the Marketing department, and has seen the launch of Marketing Manager Meetup in Stockport.

Chelsea Maher, Marketing Manager, explains; “We have a small internal marketing team, with myself taking the lead on the Chartered Accountancy side, Julie Tunstall heading up the marketing for the Financial Planning side of the business, and Ben Poland as Business Development director for the group. Although we’ve got a wealth of experience between us, and we can bounce ideas of other staff members and partners, I felt that having a support group of peers who are in a similar situation to myself would be a useful addition to our marketing function.

So, we’ve launched Marketing Manager Meetup which is an event for like-minded marketing professionals within businesses to share ideas, best practices and issues in the hope of finding solutions.”

The meetups will be regularly held at Clarke Nicklin’s prestigious offices on Cheadle Royal Business Park and going forward there will be a specific topic to focus on each time.

Next session the group will talk about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and how they plan to tackle the new and different requirements GDPR presents in terms of data protection.

The events are free to attend but are invite only and limited to 1 business per sector, so if you’re a marketing manager within a local business and are interested in going along to a future event get in touch with Laura on [email protected]