Every year HMRC reconciles the tax position for employees and pensioners who are taxed under PAYE. If a tax refund is due, or more tax is payable, this is reported to you on a form P800.

HMRC wants to send any tax refund due by electronic transfer straight to your bank account. But to do that HMRC needs you to confirm your bank details. HMRC will never ask for this information by email or text, so be careful not to click on any emails that pretend to take you to a link to do this.

You can provide your bank details by ringing HMRC – see the contact number on the paper form P800, or by signing into your personal tax account, at www.gov.uk/personal-tax-account. This requires you to go through a two-step security process.

If you take no action for 45 days after receiving the P800 form, your tax refund will be issued to you as a cheque. If we are authorised to receive the tax refund on your behalf, you won’t be able to use the online tax refund service.